Recruiting has evolved a lot since the days of wanted ads in the newspaper! It is easier than ever to find a job these days and workers have far more freedom to work with companies they could never have accessed in the days before remote work opportunities.

This changing landscape has affected many parts of the hiring and recruiting reality, making things both easier and harder for recruiters. It seems like every time one door is opened in the hiring industry, another one is closed.

If you are trying to figure out what the lay of the land will be in the hiring and recruiting world in 2021, you are not alone! There are a lot of challenges and benefits that will play into the hiring reality of 2021. Let’s talk about hiring and recruiting for 2021.

Top Hiring and Recruiting Trends for 2021

Diversity Will be a Bigger Focus

Diversity and equity in the workplace are on the rise and this trend will get a big bump in 2021. With increased hiring flexibility, companies can hire people they would never have dreamed of having access to. Social justice has gotten major attention in 2020, and hiring in 2021 will reap the benefits of this focus.

Diversity in the workplace makes everything better for everyone and there is no downside to recruiting and hiring a more diverse group of people in 2021.

Remote Work is Not Going Away

While the original push for remote work seemed like it would have an end-date, remote work has proven to be better for everyone in so many ways. Companies who swore that they could not do business with a remote workforce were proven wrong in a resounding way!

This means that many companies have embraced remote work as a means to have the chance to hire talent from all over the world and to diversify their offerings to employees. Even two years ago it would have been unheard of to get a job for a company in another state without being asked to move to the location of your new job. This is one of the best trends and changes to do with hiring in 2021.

Gig Work is on the Rise

With the rise of remote work, gig work is also on the rise. This can be a double-edged sword as the rise of the contracting workforce has caused some issues with hiring candidates with the right skills and prior experience, but overall gig work is a great change. Gig work means that you can avoid having to manage payroll details and many other time-consuming tasks to do with your workforce.

If you are looking for talent who doesn’t need to relocate and whom you don’t have to use payroll to compensate, gig workers are going to be the right fit for your needs!

Social Recruiting

Social network hiring is on the rise and this could be a really big trend for 2021. Being able to hire people off of social platforms like LinkedIn and even Facebook, can cut down on the costs of advertising open positions. This style of hiring can also lead to better matches with your company’s needs since you don’t have to run these kinds of hires through HR in most cases.

Social media is a huge part of daily life these days, and you can tell a lot about a person from their social media interactions. It is almost like you can interview someone just by scrolling through their social media pages!

International Hiring

There is really no limit to the benefits of remote work, and having access to executives not in the US is another one of these benefits. The talent pool for these higher-level positions skyrockets when people do not have to move and navigate gaining citizenship in order to take your open job position.

In the recruiting world, this means that you can nab some big fish with a smaller net and have an easier time onboarding them to your target company. There is really no downside to this trend and it will mean that companies will get hooked up with the right senior executives faster and with more accuracy.

Data Collection Through AI

AI has become a part of the recruiting and hiring reality and for good reason. AI offers the chance to sort through people applying for jobs and really drill down to get the right fit for your most important hiring factors. Best of all, you can tailor AI to search for any type of hire based on unique features that can be shifted and changed for different hiring needs.

These tools, just like the plug-ins that are used to drive traffic to a website, can drive the right applicants into your net, and to the top of the list. It is always helpful to save time when interviewing potential clients, and AI can help you to do this and more.

Better Candidate Experience

Interviews no longer feel like scary interrogations where a group of people stares at you for an hour while you try and answer questions. One of the biggest benefits of remote hiring is that remote interviews often feel less invasive to applicants. 

Being in your own home or a quiet space and talking to a group of people who do not feel like they are staring at you allows many people to feel more comfortable and to answer questions more readily.

Hiring and Recruiting Are Only Getting Better!

Hiring and Recruiting Are Only Getting Better!

There really haven’t been any downsides to the changes that are happening in the hiring and recruiting world since the start of 2021. Remote work has opened the door to many beneficial changes to the hiring reality, and finding talented workers is so much easier than it used to be! 

This might be one of the best times in history to be in hiring and recruiting! Things will only get better from here, and the changes of 2021 will pave the way for a better future in hiring and recruiting.

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