Are you about starting an insurance company ? If I describe a man as warm, intelligent, ambitious, and thoughtful, you get one kind of picture of him. But if I describe another person as cold, ambitious, thoughtful, and intelligent, you probably get a picture of a very different sort of man. Yet I have merely changed one word and the order of a couple of others. The kind of preparation that one adjective gives for those that follow is tremendously effective in determining what meaning will be given to them. The term thoughtful” may mean thoughtful of others or perhaps rational when it is applied to a warm person toward whom we have already accepted a positive orientation. But as applied to a cold man the same term may mean brooding, calculating, plotting. We must learn to be aware of the degree to which one set of observations about a man may lead us to erroneous conclusions about his other behavior.

After digesting the numerous definitions of business, one would tend to see a strong link between these two terms: entrepreneurship and innovation. In retrospect, most of the definitions tended to be, to some extent, a re-work and expansion of Schumpeter’s definition of entrepreneurship (which is that of innovation being applied in a business context). Thanks for all of the great ideas. This is a very thoughtful hub. With great gratitude. There are more and more instances of people who owe money being issued a bench warrant for their arrest. These instances usually involve failure to appear in court. So if you are summoned to court, by all means go. What is the worst that they can do? The worse thing that can happen is that you will be given a judgment on your credit record. In many instances if they cannot prove that they own the debt they debt is unenforceable but that is another story. So what if your credit is ruined, the credit system is a contrived system put in place to control you. Stop using credit completely.