Farm and agricultural business owners increasingly understand the benefits of utilising financial reporting software specifically designed for the industry. The fact that the financial establishment is so powerful helps to explain why banks were bailed out and the rest of society has been left to pay for banking mistakes and risks. Regardless of the recent bailout and the costs being shifted to taxpayers, there are still serious unresolved problems within the banking community. None of you reading my article have to like President Trump. I would agree that he is rough around the edges and can be as hard as nails. Then again, our nation would not be better off if a coward were in the Oval Office. Presidential decisions do require a certain degree of backbone on the part of our Commander-in-Chief, and President Trump fits that mold. Former Vice President Biden has serious health problems that already make him unfit to lead this nation, and Senator Kamala Harris would be way too inexperienced to serve as our nation’s president if she were ever to become president in the near future by means of automatic succession in the event of former Vice President Biden’s untimely demise.

The plea filed by the Confederation of All India Traders has also sought a direction to the Centre to intervene in the matter and frame guidelines to govern large technology-based companies such as WhatsApp Inc., Facebook Inc. and Facebook India Online Services Private Limited. I have had a passion for writing as long as I can remember. Recently I decided to write full-time. I have wrote for business newspapers, edited articles and a book, done ghost writing, web copy, and co-writing. A business leader will communicate all of his decisions to every employee of the organization because he knows well that it is not only his job to pull up the business from the grounds to the heights of the sky. Success is the result of continuous and collective efforts of each and everyone on the crew.