LaSalle Solutions, a division of Fifth Third Bank, National Association, enables its customers to improve their technology operations and better mitigate and manage risk throughout the IT lifecycle.

LaSalle is a value-added reseller partnered with over 100 vendors, and offers engineering services for almost any technology, whether it be enterprise networking, data center, security, contact center, or collaboration. LaSalle’s industry-leading cloud-based IT asset management platform, LAMP, brings technology information together in one place for better visibility, integration, data accuracy and increased ROI.


Lasalle Solutions was founded in 1980 to help organizations better manage their technology spends and assets. Founder Chuck Gately saw that companies in Chicago needed computer technology, but did not want to always buy it, as they would need to upgrade in the future. He saw that he and his team could support this need, as well as help with risk management throughout the technology lifecycle. LaSalle has evolved from this simple solution to helping the IT organizations within Fortune 500 companies to manage and mitigate their risk throughout the complex technology architectures of today.

LAMP Cuts Through the Noise and Enables Data Visibility

Maintenance Contract and Asset Management is often overlooked by large organizations operating at breakneck speed. Afterall, tracking the lifecycle of all those moving parts is complex when it comes down to it. You often face a mountain of noise distraction, keeping you from making clear, informed decisions. When you can cut through all the noise and create a clear picture in one place – being able to track, organize, and view data – it brings a significant positive change to ROI.

That is exactly why LaSalle Solutions created LAMP, a tool to eliminate noise and generate clarity when managing maintenance contracts and assets. LAMP lets you bring everything together in one place to widen your global install base visibility, streamline processes, and maintain data accuracy, delivering a complete technology lifecycle solution to help maximize asset utilization while reducing costs.

LAMP is a true cloud-delivered service platform, providing comprehensive visibility for better risk migration for all LaSalle customers. By leveraging public cloud technologies including containers and Kubernetes orchestration, LAMP delivers precise information directly from the cloud, with automation, scalable search and security, and optimized for mobile workforces.

Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

There are many things to consider when choosing a cloud solution. Which cloud computing environment is right for your organization? How will it be deployed? Who will manage it?

Navigating these decisions is a much clearer path when you have a partner with dedicated experts to guide you based on what is most important to your organization. Remote infrastructure deployment, performance analysis, and service availability reporting are some of the key features you may look for in a custom cloud solution.

LaSalle understands the value of cloud computing. LaSalle’s cloud-based platform, LAMP has become the industry benchmark for managing IT asset and contract information. LAMP brings better lifecycle information management for hardware, software, enterprise agreements and more, whether cloud-based or on-premises.

Networking Solutions and Technologies

All organizations depend on network connectivity to drive collaboration and productivity. LaSalle’s team can help manage and scale your network to account for increased traffic and numerous connected devices, providing you with the network performance you need to drive innovation within your organization.

From audits and roadmaps to strategy and design, LaSalle has the tools, technology, and subject matter experts to set up a more adaptable network that will work for you now and into the future. From cloud and security to networking and services, LaSalle Solutions helps organizations manage their IT risk and thrive.

Data Center Architecture

Your organization’s data center architecture must support a highly mobile workforce, proliferation of devices, data-driven business models, and be capable of seamlessly incorporating cloud applications and services. To meet these diverse requirements, Unified Data Center Solutions can combine compute, storage, network, and management into a single platform designed to automate IT as a service across physical and virtual environments.

LaSalle’s customers rely on their experienced engineers for guidance and assistance in moving to a virtualized environment, such as a hybrid cloud, as well as implementation of hyperconverged infrastructure bringing together servers, storage, and network infrastructure.

Securing the Network Against Threats

LaSalle Engineering Services possesses expertise in multiple security domains such as migration and upgrade planning, risk mitigation, data centers, and collaboration technologies. Security experts carefully assess each customer’s IT infrastructure and implement the measures that will best protect them from complex cyberattacks such as man-in-the-middle attacks, DDoS campaigns, ransomware, and others as they continue to become more advanced.

As a Cisco Master Security Partner, LaSalle Solutions has some of the most in-depth knowledge around the Cisco Security offerings with the experience of implementation. Also, given the company’s deep knowledge of the customer’s environment with their data in LAMP and through regular Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs), it has unique insight into what its customer needs to protect and provide, improving the solutions with them to gain successful outcomes.

Where Motorsports and Technology Intersect

In every race victory hides in a thousandth of a second. The driver’s relentless control, the pit crew’s flawless choreography, or the engineer’s split-second judgement could define the race and hold the key to victory. Your business might not hang on the edge of a second, but your next success could come from anywhere. It is all about having the tools and access to data you need when you need it.

Leading with Vison and Innovation

Steven Robb, President at LaSalle Solutions, joined the company in in 2004 and carried the vision to develop LAMP from an asset tracker into the comprehensive information management platform it is today. He has taken the VAR business, developed the team, mission, and culture to realize over 5,500{9c6a7070fd4892ee71c78dc8ff2a7a3afd4fe66496d8124646d350ff53950fa0} growth during the previous 15 years, and continues to lead through innovation and connections into the future.

Robb has more than 20 years’ experience in the IT and networking arena. Before joining the company, he served as senior vice president of sales at Comdisco and central regional sales director for both Westinghouse Communications and Fiberlink Communications.

Robb is a graduate of Illinois State University with a B.S. in Economics.

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