Marketing plans for small business or in fact any business should be dynamic, easy to follow and easy to amend if market conditions change. Our companies, Patagonia and Blu Skye, have devoted decades to the business of sustainability, and never before have we felt the optimism we feel now. Developments on three fronts, long in the works and now converging, make it not only possible but inevitable that successful business will become synonymous with sustainable business. First, prices” are now being calculated for many things that had been considered priceless; second, capital is flowing into companies known to manage those costs well; and third, indices are being established that allow disparate contributors in a supply chain to converge on sustainability standards. Each of these developments has yielded meaningful gains on its own, but because all three have now reached a certain maturity, we are entering a new, accelerated phase of progress. The dots are connecting, and a whole different picture of how to prosper in business is emerging.

According to Mr. Jones, President Trump’s concession speech would constitute a legal proceeding; and so long as President Trump does not agree to give a concession speech, then the states across our nation would be less likely to certify their election results on an official basis and the SCOTUS or the United States Electoral College or both could be left with no other choice but to remand the matter to the Congress business for what is called a contingent election. In the YouTube video below, the NTD news network provides additional detailed information on what the anointment process entails if the election remains contested. In another YouTube video below, a journalist named Simone Gao interviews a gentleman named Brian Kennedy from the American Strategy Group to go into the nitty-gritty on what this whole process entails.

The most widely-used strategic management technique that is utilized in business analysis and strategic planning is the SWOT analysis (Glaister & Falshaw, 1999). SWOT technique focuses on identifying four key elements including an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that can potentially impact an organization’s performance. The purposes of a SWOT analysis are to help the company assess its internal advantages and opportunities, and anticipate its drawbacks and potential threats, which are eventually used to formulate a company’s comprehensive strategic planning (Enz, 2011). According to Pickton and Wright in their article What’s SWOT in Strategic Analysis?” (1998), although SWOT’s simplicity and practicability might lead some people to suspect about its value as a planning tool in this ever-evolving and complicated global business context, business executives can still use it as part of their business development process by focusing on not just the outcome but also on the process (Pickton & Wright, 1998).

I recently closed my Bank of America checking account because out of the blue with no warning I saw a $12 fee on my account. When I called to ask why they were charging me as I had had this account for 6 years and it was an e-account which meant free if I used online banking only and didn’t use the service of a teller, they told me that they were moving all customers with this account type to accounts that had to have a minimum of $1500 at all times to not incur this fee. Also there have been many times in my life when I haven’t even had $100 in my account because I was living check to check hence why I also closed my Capital One account. (Having had Bank of America I was used to not being able to use a teller so not having a branch teller to go to at Charles Schwab doesn’t make a difference to me).