Many businesses now use corporate credit cards to pay their bills, particularly those between their suppliers or vendors and themselves. What skills do you have? Are you good at it? If you answer yes, than you have an income earning stream not being utilized. Are you good at music, sports, writing, handy craft, computing both hardware and software, floral arrangement, cooking etc…etc…You see, your employer uses your skills to produce the product or service it sells to its consumers from whom your pay comes from. You are just being used as a tool. You can use that very skill to produce similar product of service, sell it and you have money all for yourself. This isn’t rocket science. It’s a bag of common sense. I do desk top publication for few bucks and it works pretty well. My clients for resumes are living as far as Kimbe and Port Moresby and I live in Lae. Make use of the social medium of communication such as email, fax and mobile to shell your skills hard and you will be rewarded handsomely.

This is about more than trying to not look stupid on the internet. This is about more than the meaning of freedom of speech in the internet age. It is definitely about more than Donald Trump and the election of 2016. This is also about the political experiment of representative government. Without an informed and responsible citizenry, this formerly rare system of governance that has become the international standard breaks down, and it is anyone’s guess what might come next. Do we drift back toward the various forms of dictatorship that are still common in many parts of the world, or do we move on to something else? The Information Age is at its beginning stages. It is far too early to know what its ultimate political impact may be. This poor strategy of not infusing the organisation with new people with fresh ideas and not motivating the existing employees to do the same brought the company at a standstill. Apple and other smartphone companies brought new products to which Blackberry was too slow to adapt.

Payments can be done online via credit card, debit card, and online money transfer and also via Demand draft and cheque. — and generates over 900 organic clicks per month for Shopify from a highly targeted audience of people who want to sell their products online. Pricing. Pricing is a science in its own right. Too high prices deter customers and too low prices decrease the profitability of the business. business Pricing should therefore be competitive. Gross margins of a business are the direct result of pricing. Gross profits are necessary to cover the financial obligations of a company and to allow for growth. Profitability of different products and services need to be analysed and they should only be kept as part of the offering if they provide sufficient margins or if they are of strategic importance.

With a business credit line, no new documents are required each time a credit advance is made. By payment options, we are referring to the various channels that our customers will use to pay for premiums that they select. Notictious Insurance Agency takes pride in that we have a solid plan created by our finance department. This plan makes sure the prompt receipt of payments without compromising the safety of our clients. Many businesses are run by a small staff or even a staff of one and when a business is small, people in that business often have to wear multiple hats. A business owner might also be a sales person. A single person may do everything from customer service, admin, collections, payables, receivables, picking, packing, shipping, and receiving. When you’re a small company, you’re often in ‘react’ mode and when that happens, marketing often falls by the wayside.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at what it means to be an entrepreneur. You’ll also hear from some modern-day online entrepreneurs who explain how they took the leap, and how you can too. Are you looking forward to starting a business blog? Or do you already have a business blog but, you are not taking it seriously? In this article, I have covered the benefits of having a blog and, how you can achieve success by focusing on it. Patriotta, G and Siegel, D (2019). “The Context of Entrepreneurship”. Journal of Management Studies. 56 (6): 1194-1196. 7. Merchants who want to accept cards over the internet should maximize their security mechanisms use either AVS (Address Verification Service, or CVV – Card Verification Value (3-4 digit code on back of a card).