Part of the romanticism of business is the thought that entrepreneurs are creative, innovative, go-getters, risk takers, driven. An Oligopoly is a case where barriers are present, but more than one firm is able to maintain the majority of the market share. In an Oligopoly firms are able to collude and their limit production, thereby restricting supply and maintaining a constant economic profit. 7 10 1 An extreme case of an uncompetitive market is a monopoly, where only one firm has the ability to supply a good which has no close substitutes 2 In this case, the monopolist can set its price at any level it desires, maintaining a substantial economic profit. In both scenarios firms are able to maintain an economic profit by setting prices well above the costs of production, receiving an income that is significantly more than its implicit and explicit costs. Great info for making cash in your spare time. I have tried Mturk but it can be slow to accumulate the cash. Love the story about the Walmart couple. The best one I have seen yet is a guy getting into a three piece business suit on a train. I had just seen him panhandling in front of the station not 5 minutes before.