Business credit cards are wreaking havoc on America’s small businesses but unlike their larger “too big to fail” counterparts the government offers little help to the “backbone businesses” that made this country strong in the first place. In Australia it is regulated by the APRA as a payment facility. My account is also a business account. I contract out my online writing services to businesses, some pay me through PayPal. PayPal only charges when I invoice, by keeping a small fee when my clients business pay. It has never affected my HubPages earnings. I’ve had the account for possibly two decades and never a problem. I also use it to pay for online business expenses, like the hosting of my website. I transfer a certain amount back to my standard business bank account every month, but keep a “float” with PayPal. I try to get paid in advance for my personal writing services so I don’t transfer the money to my account until I’ve actually completed the work and the client is satisfied.

Now, what is so interesting about what the United States Constitution reads on how a contested election ultimately gets decided, if push comes to shove, is that if this matter ultimately goes to the United States House of Representatives in January of 2021 and no decision is reached before Inauguration Day, then the Speaker of the House would be temporarily sworn in to serve as our acting president on January 20, 2021 until this matter was resolved. In other words, there stands a chance that United States House Delegate Nancy Pelosi could be running our nation for a brief period of time. For that reason, among other things, it can be no secret why newly elected Democrats in the United States House of Representatives are working fiercely and ferociously to convince Democrats currently serving as United States House Delegates to remove Ms. Pelosi from her position as the Speaker of the House. They obviously believe that she would pose a major liability to not only her political party but also to the entire nation and possibly the entire world in that event.