What is an entrepreneur? There are people with extraordinary character and skill who have been elected onto the committee. There is no doubt about that. But the work of these people remains a function of the committee which remains a function of the community. Of course, this does not mean that the committee is in direct connection with the entire community of Kennedy Road—many people don’t participate in politics at all—but there is a larger community of struggle within Kennedy Road made up of around business thirty to forty committed activists involved in day-to-day work, a few hundred people who come to mass meetings, and a few thousand who will be willing to come to a large event like a march. When promoting a product or brand globally, a company must make decisions regarding trade-offs between standard and local messages. A single message is cheaper to produce and maintains the consistency of the brand; but it may not perform well in some regions due to differences in cultural values or expectations.

The balanced scorecard financial analysis is a method developed by Robert Kaplan and David Norton in 1992. It is basically an assessment that will help a company or organization (whether profit or non-profit) improve and develop its strategies in the four perspectives mentioned earlier. The scorecard is composed of four categories that will concretize the steps in doing so. It narrows down what should be done in order to achieve a certain goal. Through determining the objectives, measures, targets, and initiatives, the scorecard serves as a form of communication of to all members of the company-from the manager to the employees. This means that each person in the company is given the chance to perform his task that will contribute to the success of the company. It makes everyone aware of his role and motivates him to perform his duties and responsibilities.