In the last few decades the world is increasingly recognizing the need for business. I tried to fill in the gaps. How things have changed from the year 2000 to 2020. That may be only twenty years. To me it was like yesterday. Thank you for reading and sharing part of my life in a time that I lived it. Great article. Being a small business developer and marketer myself, I especially appreciate this contribution to the cause for entrepreneurship. Thank you for such a comprehensive list of ideas. So many people are ‘out of work’, need to reinvent themselves and never even thought of going in this direction. This is a great road map for them. This type of fraud activity can include theft of company formulas, patents, or sensitive data, theft of credit notes or vouchers, inventory theft, theft of money or check forgery. But many of the credit card issuers also offer a break-down of your purchases and categorize them into expense accounts for tax purposes. That will give you a better handle on where your money is going and what is the best way to reduce expenses if you need to in the future.

It is a widely known fact that the socio-economic dynamics works against the poor – they get pushed to the sidelines and become excluded from the mainstream social, political and financial processes. Once they are marginalized the situation becomes conducive for growth of poverty. It is a rut from which few ever come out on their own without outside support. Every ‘shock’ only pushes them further deep into poverty and they find themselves selling whatever meager assets they still managed to hold on to. The mainstream formal banking and financial sector have preference for upper end clients and their procedural requirements, particularly of collaterals, makes them beyond the reach of poor people. Moreover, small loans or credits are unviable due to procedural expenses involved. The local money lenders in the informal sector generally charge exorbitant interest rates besides employing exploitative tactics. Once in their trap, the poor often sink further deep in debt and poverty.

I liked your article a lot. Very informative, courageous, and bold. I’m from Iran and come to US in 2009 on student visa. I did my graduation and couldn’t find job for a year and left on march2014. I filed my tax return in Jan 2014 on my total income of $2800 for tax period 2013. It were IT training stipends that I received from an employer. In that bad condition I left US in march2014 with credit debit from four credit cards with their crd limit, $500, $2500,$3000,$6000, while living in NJ in the company’s guest house. I used to pay when I had money and my score was 764. I got the visit visa I came back in July & fall in love with a girl. Am getting married. I still don’t have enough money to pay crd bill as the debit shot to $13000 now and my cards are all blocked as I stopped paying from april2014 because I was in my home country since March 2014. I also went to ER and the doctor sent me a bill of $1600 through collection company. I checked the letters from the guest house in NJ, there is no court letter.