While many entrepreneurs start their businesses thinking that their savings and business ideas are sufficient to turn in a handsome profit, they soon find that continued business credit is essential to keep the wheels of commerce turning smoothly. The right question to ask when considering a marketing strategy is “Will that help my business target the right market?” Promoting your products and services to your potential customers is one way of increasing your company’s profits and sales. For example, your company is selling diving equipment and you decided to distribute flyers to advertise your goods. Printing flyers is actually one of the cheapest ways to promote your product. business However, you distributed them to the wrong group of people. So instead of building a name, your money and effort all went to waste because you weren’t able to hit your target market. To stress this point out, inexpensive marketing strategies does not mean they are efficient marketing strategies too. Approximately 40{3d38dae4ad4cb6b883ea4c98ee876d089e39b7441581064bc2f1e4c5a7cae98a} of this demographic group are empty nesters. Half of this group is between the ages of 45-54. The median household income for this age group is $84,000. Because of their life stage, Exurbanites focus on their financial investments. They consult with financial planners regarding their IRA’s. They are interested in long term care and life insurance policies.